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Samsung ICR18650-22P 3.7V HRD2200mah (10A) Lithium-Ion Battery

Samsung ICR18650-22P 3.7V HRD2200mah (10A) Lithium-Ion Battery


This is Samsung SDI version of a high-drain cell.  The Samsung 22P is an older cell from 2010. With unspectacular specs, it has survived due to utility.  It is a very low-priced, reliable cell used almost entirely in custom 18650 battery packs.

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Description:  Samsung ICR18650-22P 3.7V 2200mah (10A) High Rate Discharge Lithium-Ion Battery.

This is Samsung SDI version of a high-drain cell.  Samsung high drain cells are designed to give a lot of current in quick, short bursts.  Rated at 2200mah the 10A limit means this battery is better suited for discharging high amount of current used in power-tools or other high-drain applications.  This is a good quality 18650 cell and should be considered if the specifications meet your project’s needs.

Place of Origin: Made in Korea
FOB:  Hong Kong
Shipping:  UPS Ground, within the Continental US
Delivery Time:  7-10 Business Days

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Additional information

Dimensions 65 x 18 mm
Model Number




Country of Origin

Hong Kong



Max. Continous Discharge


Standard Discharge Current

1100 milliamps

Nominal Capacity


Nominal Voltage


Charging Voltage

4.20 +/- 0.03 V