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CR150D – 7.2V @ SC3800mah (1x5x1 “L” Pack) Nimh Battery-Pack

CR150D – 7.2V @ SC3800mah (1x5x1 “L” Pack) Nimh Battery-Pack


High quality 7.2V @ SC3800mah (1x5x1 “L” Pack) Nimh rechargeable battery pack.

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Product:  CR150C – 7.2V @ SC3800mah (1x5x1 “L” Pack) Nimh Battery-Pack.

Features Include:  High quality 7.2V @ SC3800mAh Nimh rechargeable battery pack.  Manufactured with six JE SC3800mah cylindrical Nimh cells with 70 degree temperature thermostat and 12 inch stranded tinned 20 gauge wire leads for full charging protection.  Light weight and higher energy density than any NiCd rechargeable battery, no memory effect, longer storage life with longer runtimes.

Charging Instructions:  When charging, do not leave your battery unattended, always charge your battery-pack on a fire resistant table or bench top.  Always check the polarity of your male / female ends (Red Positive / Black Negative) before charging.  Never charge your battery with a non-designated charger.  We recommend using the CR-1 Smart Charger when charging a NiCd or Nimh battery-pack.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 100 x 16 x 48 mm
Manufactured Design

(1x5x1) "L" Pack


7.2 Volts




3.5 hours @ 1 amp