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Product Update

We have upgraded our Lithium-Ion battery-packs to 3000, 6000 & 9000 milliamp hours at no additional cost to you!

Coming in 2014 . . . “CRMAX” HRD (High Rate Discharge) Lithium Polymer Battery-Packs for the RC-Toy enthusiasts . . .

Check out our new line of “RailLinx” products at

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only $89
CR-1 Smart Charger
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DeWalt 18V Battery Inserts
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Less Weight / Longer Runtimes
Lithium Technology
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from RCS America
Integrated Systems
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Phoenix P8 Sound Card
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Industrial Grade Cap Light
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From $5.00 - $29.00
Great line of speakers
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Price $5.95
BSI Insta-Cure Plus

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Trade Show Update:

Come visit us at the ”RCS America” booths during the ECLSTS in York, PA., March 21st & 22nd.

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