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A New Generation of Power is Coming Soon!
The New Panasonic/Sanyo NCR20700B (20A) Lithium Battery-Packs
Available in 4250, 8500 & 12750mah Capacity
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The Most Reliable
Lithium Battery-Packs Made in the USA!
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The #1 Charger Sold to Garden Railroad Enthusiasts
1 Year Warranty / Made in The USA!
CR-1 Smart Charger
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Charges 14 & 15 Cell Nickel / 3, 4, 5, & 6 Cell Lithium Battery Packs

The New RailCharger...Smart PCB Charger
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The New RailLinx 2.4 App
To Your Battery-Powered Locomotive
The First Class 1 Bluetooth
Direct Communications
Digital Application
Giving You Point-To-Point
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Replaces the CRE-55611
New JST "Y" Connector
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Made in the USA!
RailLinx 900 Control System
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Designed for O & HO Scale Battery-Powered Locomotives
The New RailLinx 900 3amp Throttle
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The First DC Powered Remote Trackside Switch Control
RailLinx 900 - RTSC
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2, 4 & 6 Pin Micro Mini Connectors
Coming in June 2017
New Product
at 1/3rd the price then a retail store.